Electric String Duo

Electric String Duo The Corporate Quartet

David and Lydia are our electric violinist and electric cello duo constantly amazing spectators at different types of events.

One of the services on offer at The Corporation Quartet is an electric string duo performance. Our duo will perform a range of the latest pop songs, soothing jazz or classic rock anthems. Whatever music you want to hear, our electric violin and electric cello duo will customise their set for your event. From corporate events to wedding music, they have a performance for everyone!

Meet David And Lydia

Our electric violin and electric cello duo are the experienced David and Lydia – let’s meet them.

David is an Italian violinist and classically trained by the most prestigious musicians in Rome. He has since crossed over to apply his craft in more contemporary pieces within the pop music and RnB scene. Since 2016, he has been pulling the strings in the background as the founder of The Corporation Quartet.

Lydia is similar to David in that she is also classically trained. In fact, she has a lot of the same qualities as David through being an experienced sound engineer and she also creates bespoke arrangements to pretty much any song.

Together, they are able to bring a versatile electric string duo performance to any event in any theme.

Performance Extras

It’s the little extras of our performances that make a big difference. David and Lydia have a range of clothing attire to suit your events, such as classical dinner jackets and colourful jackets and dresses. They can also use our PA system and bespoke L.E.D. instruments to create a breathtaking visual performance, as well as a musical one.

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